Customs Agency

Serpantin Logistics Pte o.o Customs agents will prepare complete documentation necessary to declare goods, as well as arrange transport from the EU. Our agency works with most custom codes, and depending on the type of goods, can individually tailor and submit the correct documents for appropriate customs procedure.

We offer:

  • Applications for customs import and transit according to CCC;
  • Represent clients before the customs authorities and border guards in accordance with current changes in the footnotes of EU legislation;
  • Mediation in International Trade: Intrastat Excise EORI
  • Notification of NCTS system;
  • Secure payment of customs-tax payment;
  • Simple check-in procedure;
  • Customs clearance on the basis of the Convention WPT;
  • Bonded warehouse and customs;
  • Customs clearance of the final consignees of the European Union;
  • Insurance;
  • Professional consultancy customs clearance for the import and export of goods.